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Bridging Generations Pte Ltd

Digitisation & Digital Restoration Solutions



From artefacts to rare manuscripts, we provide a range of solutions to digitally preserve and increase their accessibility. 

  • Professional handling to minimise risk of material damage 

  • Cataloguing and categorizing for meaningful engagement with artefacts 

  • 2D & 3D visual documentation 

  • Colour grading for accuracy  

  • Research to uncover historical findings and stories behind the artefacts  

  • Curation for physical and digital outreach mediums 

Digital Restoration

Be it stains, blemishes, or massive tears, we provide a range of services to breathe new life into precious images so that their legacies live on.

  • Repair damaged photographs

  • High-resolution resizing to fit your needs  

  • Reconstruction of missing parts

  • Colourisation of black-and-white photographs 

  • Digital painting using historical references

  • Professional print on museum-grade paper, canvas, acrylic and more


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What Our Clients Say

We would like to express our greatest appreciation to Lynn for restoring over 300 clan photographs to its former glory, so that the legacy of our pioneers lives on. We are extremely satisfied with the high-quality of work and hope that other clan associations would also restore their archives to enrich our local history. 

PBM Lee Swee Har


Singapore Kwong Wai Siew Li Shi She Shut


The original black and white photo of my mum was torn. She (Lynn) not only digitally restored the torn edges, but also filled in the sides so that it would match the dimensions of my dad’s portrait photo.

I was initially worried about colourisation as my entire family remembered a particular colour which my mum wore. Providing Lynn with some references, I'm amazed how she was able to accurately recreate the colours.


Words really can’t describe how grateful I am!

Mdm Lee Wai Ching

Featured on

印象亚洲 之 变革者

Faces of Asia (S1 Ep 6 Changemakers)

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[Restored like new: Preserving legacies of old photographs]

Published on 2023, January 1

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