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Client: Virginia was recently moved from the home and community she had lived in for 88 years.  Now she was "tired" all the time and not her usual spunky self.  Her son requested an assessment of "mom's health status".

Solution: We interviewed Virginia privately, to gather information regarding the recent move, and more importantly, her feelings about it. Then we recommended that the family candidly encourage her to verbalize to them her thoughts and concerns, her anger and sadness, that she was keeping locked inside.



Client: Vincent, age 89 and living alone since his wife died 3 years ago, was found wandering naked in the neighborhood at 2:30 am. His only son lived 1,000 miles away and was very uncomfortable dealing with his Dad.

Solution: We located an appropriate assisted living facility and moved Vincent there, then guided the family in taking charge of his affairs. We helped them close-up his home, secure his money and handle his business.


Money Management and Entitlements

Client: Shirley, the favorite niece, was confused about the myriad array of insurances and entitlements she encountered when assuming responsibility for her aunt's financial affairs.

Solution: A consultation at the aunt's apartment resulted in our sorting and organizing, then clarifying the importance of multiple papers and contracts.



Client: Gertrude was an active housekeeper and bridge player until a massive stroke caused her to enter a coma. Her husband of 60 years and adult children wished to honor her stated wishes of "no life support" but the attending physician would not cooperate.

Solution: We coordinated and attended a care plan conference with all the involved parties, during which we considered all options.  We then moved Gertrude to a setting which did allow her to die with dignity.


Education and Counseling

Client: Doug's sister had effectively "cut him off" from contact with his mother. He wanted to "know his rights", and be assured he had done all within his power to provide for his mother's care.

Solution: We counseled Doug, clarifying issues and his previous attempts to care for his mother. Just being able to express his pain and anger seemed to enable him to accept the situation.


Escort Services

Client: Annette was en-route to her son's for the Holidays, when during a transfer of planes in Atlanta, she became confused. Fearful and agitated behavior followed as she tried to get help from folks who didn't recognize her dementia.

Solution: On the return trip, we provided professional escort service. We met the plane, helped with toileting, and took full responsibility for getting Annette on board the departing plane.




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Bridging Generations
Atlanta, GA 30341
ph: 404-245-2458