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Client Testimonials

David Couchman

Son of Naomi Couchman Olinger

We have been working with Jane Hamil of Bridging Generations for almost five years. During that period her advice and insight have helped us in many ways.

It has eased our mind and conscience.  A knowledgeable and objective resource has assured us that we were doing the best things for our aging Mother; or better still, sometimes she told us what we needed to do.   Feelings of guilt, conflicting opinions, and misguided direction were greatly reduced.

Jane’s presence has given us peace of mind.  Jane provides "standby" assistance in case my Mother needs attention when we travel away from Atlanta.

It has reduced family conflict.  Out-of-area family not completely familiar with our Mother’s situation, have participated in “conference calls” with Jane to assist us in developing a solution that we can all support.

She has knowledge of the local market.  Among the myriad of facilities in Atlanta, which one is best?  Of course, the answer depends on complex factors such as company stability, current management and staffing, and location of the home.  Additionally, many parents have changing needs that can better be met in another kind of home.  Jane’s direction in these areas gives us reassurance that we are doing what is best for my Mother.

Tax savings is achieved by an annual assessment of my Mother’s condition; we can document that Mother does, indeed, need the protective environment of the home in which she lives.  This allows us to deduct the cost of the facility (and Jane’s fees) as medical expense.

Many times changes in Mother’s dementia disease are subtle and may go unnoticed by our regular visits with her.  Jane’s quarterly assessments can identify areas that we overlook.  Her professional insight means that she can bring things to our attention, and help us to understand and accept them.

George Fox

The Fox Law Firm   

Jane Hamil is an incredible, wonderful resource for families facing the legal, financial and emotional traumas of dealing with an aging family member. She is compassionate, resourceful, tough and good and everything you would want.  I call her the "Surrogate Child": she can say things which need to be said which family members cannot bring themselves to say. 

We have recommended her to many of our clients, and she has consistently received outstanding marks.

Ann Levin

Daughter of Miriam Kessler

How can I ever thank you enough for all of the times you were there for me in going through all of the challenges of taking care of my mother as her dementia progressed?  You were so wonderful in mediating between all of the different family members and staff when crises arose.  The best part was you made yourself available 24-7.

In all of my dealings with social workers over the past 6 years, I have never come across someone as effective as you.  Whenever I was stressed, I knew I could turn to you to help me find a solution.  You were incredible in getting everyone to focus on the real issues of the disease process while making sure that Mom’s needs were being met in the best way possible for her.

Wilfred J. Gregson II


Son of Lillian C. Gregson


My family and I affectionately refer to our care manager as "Agent Jane".  It is difficult to sum up the services she has provided us simply because they are so inclusive. This gimlet-eyed investigator is capable of inspecting a facility so you can be sure your loved one is receiving the proper attention; she does this on a snap basis, and the facilities she deals with, know and respect her authority.

Agent Jane is an expert in choosing the best match between what a facility can provide and the special needs of the person you love so much. Additionally, she is capable of managing all aspects of the transition of your loved one from living at home to needing full time care in a special environment.  She knows when to call a lawyer, accountant, or other professional and more importantly, when not to. 

Finally, when you must assume responsibility for managing the affairs of that someone you have always looked up to…when that responsibility falls on you emotionally like the proverbial ton of bricks…her keen insight and support has helped with the transition and grieving.

Erik & Donna vanVoorhees


Children of Dorothy McMahon


It was a hectic couple of weeks that would have been nothing short of horrendous were it not for Jane’s expertise, sage advice, and reassuring temperament.  She handled it like the pro she is and it could not have gone any smoother.  Mom adjusted amazingly well to the assisted living facility that was recommended.  Thanks to Jane we now have Mom’s finances under firm control, and have all the family members agreeing to the long term planning for her care.

We don’t think anybody is truly prepared when a parent dies or is suffering from dementia.  Navigating the maze of hospitals, social workers, health care choices, financial considerations, and everything else can be overwhelming, especially when you’re so emotionally intertwined.  We had no idea there was someone out there like Jane who miraculously appeared to hold everyone’s hand, Mom and family alike, and helped us solve the problems.

We feel as if we’ve made a lifelong friend who we will continue to call upon for assistance going forward…She’s the best!!!



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